Personalized Authenticated Masterpieces

How cool would it be to have a Baseball Identity just like one of the stars?!?!

Create your own Personal Authenticated Masterpiece today with Piece of the Game. Your son or Daughter will be listed in the same database as Mike Trout, Derek Jeter, and all the other stars of Baseball Authenticated Masterpieces.

Here is how it works:

  • After your child gets a big hit at his/her game you need to collect the batted ball from your child’s game.
  • Have your child sign the ball (on the sweet spot), and take a photo of them doing it. We will also need an action photo of your child, and a profile picture.
  • Include a brief write-up from when the ball was collected. Send us the team score and your child’s stat line for that day. We also have a questionnaire to fill out so we can get some more details.
  • Mail all of the items to Piece of the Game so your Personal Authenticated Masterpiece can be created.
  • Piece of the Game will secure the ball with a Hologram and inventory your ball.
  • Our Statisticians will create your own personal Baseball Identity to be entered into our database.
  • The ball will then be given to one of our award-winning artists to give life to your baseball.
  • A hand-sketched and painted masterpiece will be created from your reference photo capturing this special moment of your child forever. Just like our Baseball Authenticated Masterpieces.
  • Your new memory will be hand-packed in one of our premium custom wood box displays made out of Maple and Ashwood. The display box itself is a work of art and comes with LED lighting and UV protection. It’s the ultimate display for your new Personal Authenticated Masterpiece.

See the Photos of my son Mikey’s Personal Authenticated Masterpiece of his first-ever over the fence home run ball, all documented. I will cherish this forever.   

The conversations you will have with friends and family in your home or office will be incredible. You can’t beat the personalization. The likeness of the portrait will pull you right in. The best part is you enter your hologram number on our website and you will see the entire identity of your item.

**send an email to to get the process started!**