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About Piece of the Game

Piece of the Game was founded to bring today’s avid fans and sports collectors as close to the game as possible; we bring the game right into your home or office. As collectors ourselves, it is our goal to improve the quality of collectibles that are offered to elite collectors.

Over the years, the collectibles market has grown by leaps and bounds, and now offers traceability and authentication – something that has developed and improved over the last decade. Our goal is to offer one-of-a-kind products that provide complete authentication and detailed background on the item, tracing it back to the exact point in time when the crowd was cheering. We want you to own a true “piece of the game,” and learn the history about when the event occurred.

We serve our dedicated customers who yearn for a piece of real, game-used memorabilia and the history behind it. Why collect a baseball card numbered to 25 copies that have a dime-sized piece of a player’s bat, ball, or jersey that is marked “game-used,” when you can own the entire item?

We believe that our clients want more, and are creating new age products for today’s demanding fans. Our superb quality and attention to detail have never been seen before in the collectibles and art market. Our products turn heads and give you that “wow” factor you deserve. You'll feel as if you are a part of the game when collecting your favorite sports heroes.

What’s even more unique is that our items are all one of ones, with a complete traceable database. That means every single item is a personal masterpiece and there are no two alike! As a fan and collector, knowing that you have the one and only is a very special feeling. As part of our commitment to quality collecting, we only offer the best possible sports collectible items available from the most sought-after players and games. As a collector, you have a lot of options, but the most sought-after collectibles are offered here, where you can truly own a Piece of the Game.

What is A Baseball Identity ™?       

A Baseball Identity ™ is a trademarked term from Piece of the Game, patent-pending. Through the Baseball Identity ™ process you’ll receive the true identity of a game-used stat or item. Game-used collectible items in today’s sports world are tracked and authenticated by many leagues and organizations in professional sports and labeled with security holograms.

The standard authentication process, used by other organizations, proves the provenance of the item and provides a detailed history of when the item was collected by the professional team or organization. However, it always left fans wondering… is that it? Fans spent time and money on these items but had virtually no background as to the true identity of the memorabilia. They had to spend time researching to find out more information about their used collectibles.

Piece of the Game’s Baseball Identity ™ has done all of that for you! We assign all of our game used collectible items the real Baseball Identity ™ that you are looking for!

What does a Baseball Identity ™ include:

  • Full details about the item in question
  • The day it was collected
  • Stats for the Player
  • The play that made the item a “piece of the game”
  • The player’s stat line in the game the day the item was used
  • Where the player played that day, including the box score of the game
  • The umpire’s crew and the weather of the game along with the attendance

We will list all certifications and holograms from all of the companies involved in verifying the item, including any applicable autographs that may have been added to the item. Where applicable, we may include a picture of the actual ball getting put into play or a small video of the player hitting the ball. You will have complete details of that item and its role in sports history--the full identity of your item! As a collector, you know that there can never be enough documentation to prove an item is what someone says it is; which is why all of our Baseball Identities ™ will carry a special Piece of the Game Security Hologram that will be on each item where your one-of-a-kind item can be looked up in our game-used database, all conveniently located on our website in a user-friendly location. Piece of the game has taken game-used documentation to another level, and hope you will enjoy the process and time we have taken to give your item the full detail and life it deserves!

Why Piece of the Game is Different from any other game-used collectible store?

In order to bring our items to the next level, we have added something that you will rarely see on game-used items in the sports world. Fine Art!

What better way than to show the true identity of a game-used collectible item then to add the face or action picture of the player who actually used the item. We have commissioned Master Artists who spend countless hours creating our masterpieces. These masterpieces are all sketched out and then hand-painted and signed to give you the highest quality artwork of the player involved with your item.

The attention to detail is not to be found anywhere else. Once added to our collection, the item is truly a one oif a kind piece of art. We also add a detailed account of every step of the art process on your Baseball Identity ™ from concept sketch to final work.  Our masterpieces grab your attention and make you want to know every last detail about the item you are looking at. We can assure you that the level of quality of this work is something never seen before in the sports collectibles hobby.

Our first product line, Baseball Authenticated Masterpieces™, launched on July 9, 2019. These are game-used, hand-signed, and authenticated products. Every single item in the collection is one of one: First hand-painted by Master Baseball Artist Monty Sheldon, and then signed by the player or players the ball is associated with. What’s even more exciting is that this product has a baseball card format meaning that you will open each sealed box not knowing the player you will get inside. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to chase the first-ever sweet spot signed Babe Ruth baseball and many other MLB Debut and Record-breaking baseballs, brought to you exclusively by Piece of the Game.