Baseball Identity Authentication

baseball identity authentication
baseball identity authentication hologram

Piece of the Game Hologram Authentication

Enter your Hologram's Serial Number in the search bar to look up your products complete Baseball Identity and origin.

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Hologram Details

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Unique Serial Number for each item allows collectors to review the complete Baseball Identity of their item.

Piece of the Game Logo Flag indicates the item is part of the Piece of the Game Baseball Identity Program

Program Information

The Piece of the Game Baseball Identity Program is the most comprehensive memorabilia authentication initiative in professional sports. It’s all the info you crave in one spot. We list all certifications from MLB holograms, to all third-party authentication services.  We not only tell you what your game used item is as documented by MLB, but we give you an entire picture of the day that item was used and collected from MLB. From the box score of the game to the weather and umpire crew. Details about the player involved with the item and a complete stat line describing the hit number or rbi number the stat was in the players season and career. Fans demand detail and with our Patent Pending Baseball Identity, we give you everything you're looking for. A complete picture of the day your item was obtained. Some of our items are autographed by the players involved with the authenticated ball. We will list all third-party certifications and authentication holograms.

Once our customers receive their authenticated piece of memorabilia, they can trace the unique serial number on the Authentication database located on This convenient reference database enables to easily pull all of the Baseball Identity information and all of the details surrounding your new item and its origins.

Hologram Information

The tamper-evident security hologram piece of the game puts on items coincides with all other authentications from MLB, and third-party authenticators such as JSA, PSA/DNA, Fanatics, Steiner and Beckett authenticated. Its everything you have been looking for regarding your item's true Identity and where your item came from.

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