Baseball Display Case and Presentation Box -25 Year UV Protection and LED Lighting

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Baseball Display Case with UV Protection and LED Lighting 

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Every wonder why luxury watch companies spend so much time and effort creating their boxes and watch displays?
They are proud of what they designed and their products are works of art, and should be displayed as such. Well at Piece of the Game, we feel the same way. We created a one of a kind new product called Baseball Authenticated Masterpieces. We needed a case worthy enough to show it off. After countless hours at the drawing table, we came up with the presentation box offered today. At first it was only for collectors and customers of our high end, newly released Baseball Authenticated Masterpiece series. After displaying at the National Sports Collectors convention in Cleveland, the feedback was so over the top on everything that we had tons of requests from collectors who wanted to display baseballs that were very special to them the right way.  After some thought and because we are so proud of the craftsmanship, we are offering a small number of the presentation baseball display cases for sale.
*** Please not the baseball pictured is for display purposes only and not for sale.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in